• Sticker Shield® is a specially designed clear film that becomes virtually invisible when attached to your new window sticker. Nearly all barcodes easily readable through Sticker Shield®.

  • With Sticker Shield®, your sticker looks like it's stuck directly to the windshield, yet easily peels off and sticks back on to the glass, whenever you want.

  • Sticker Shield® prevents adhesive buildup and razor blade damage to windshield and defroster strips, while also preventing dangerous blind spots created by old stickers and adhesive remains.

  • Sticker Shield® can also be cut into strips and used with temporary paper permits that have adhesive strips.

    Click here to see a video demonstration
    (Detailed set of directions included on package)

    1. Simply stick your new window sticker to the specially designed Sticker Shield® film. (Figures A & B)
    2. Trim excess Sticker Shield® from the borders of your window sticker. (Figure C)
    3. Peel off protective paper and your sticker will now stick to the glass. More importantly, you can now easily peel the sticker off and put it back on the glass whenever you want!