Sticker Shield® will stick to most all non-porous surfaces.

This includes:

  • Windows and Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Home Appliances
  • Most Steels and Plastics
  • Certain Glossy Painted Surfaces

    Use Sticker Shield® sheets to hold Toll Road Transponders, or as a Screen Protector for phones, music players and cameras! Even try it on cracked phone screens!

    Use Sticker Shield® around the home with:

  • Kids' stickers on windows and appliances.
  • Home Security Stickers
  • Favorite photos on mirrors or appliances
  • Scrapbooking Projects or as an Easy Laminator or Book Mark Creator
  • Make transparent removable notes & labels with sharp markers or dry erase markers for everything from storage bins to identifying wine glasses.
  • Make glowing art projects on sunny windows

    Let us know your unique use and we'll post it on our web site! Just e-mail us at